If you haven’t yet read the other article "How topo royalties are calculated" we urge you to check that out first. That will give you a deeper understanding of what things affect your topo income.

If you've already read this other guide, here are some tips to help you increase your income:

Let people know about your topos

The more users your topos get, the more royalties they will generate.

That's why sharing the word about your Premium topos is a great way to increase the royalties and an easy way to do this is to tell your friends about your topos!

Every new user in 27 Crags automatically gets a 7-day free trial which makes promotion even easier. All your climbing friends can test 27 Crags and your topos for free, and their views on your topos still bring you income!

Besides this, you can increase your income and make your friends happy with the topo author referral link! It gives new users 1 month free trial to Premium! 🤩 Read more here.

Find examples of how to promote your topos on social media here.

Make the most comprehensive topos for an area

The more topos you make, the higher your royalties are. What's more, making many topos from the same area boosts the usage of them all!

It might not be enticing for climbers to purchase Premium if their area of interest only has one topo. But if most or even all the crags from an area are included in Premium, it becomes extremely interesting.

We’ve seen rapid changes in topo user numbers after all or most topos in one area have been completed and converted to Premium.

This includes adding those areas which might not be very popular. The fact that your topos are the most complete and include even the less-visited spots, makes it very valuable for climbers.

Comprehensive area topos = enticing topos = more users = more revenue

If you make great topos that cover all the useful information, this will also increase the word of mouth about your topos significantly!

Increase the quality of your topos

Each topo is given a quality factor which affects the percentage of topo royalties you receive

Increasing the quality factor immediately affects your royalties. For example, if a crag doesn’t have any climbing images, adding them will increase the crag income by 10%.

A higher-quality topo also attracts more users. If your topo is the best one in the area, word will spread among climbers for sure!

You can find the quality factor of each crag by going to the topos-view in the browser version of 27 Crags and clicking edit (on the right). The view that opens shows the crags quality factor at the bottom.

Work together with your friends

The more content there is in 27 Crags, the better it is for all the authors

Sometimes an individual or a small team doesn’t have the knowledge or time to make an area complete. It’s always a great idea to collaborate with other climbers, so get chatting at the crag and form a team to work together to make comprehensive area topos.

If you don't have time yourself but know someone who would be perfect for the job, tell them about 27 Crags and ask them to get in touch with us. We’re always happy to tell more about the Premium topos!

The best way to contact us about Premium topos is to send an email to Tim from our team: tim(at)27crags(dot)com.