Many great benefits come from sharing topos and information about climbing in your area:

  • You’re sharing valuable information about the place
  • You’ll give inspiration to climbers - they can discover new climbing areas and get inspired to visit your crag
  • More people will find and use your topos, which means more income for you!

What makes sharing even easier, is the topo author referral link. With it you can make your friends happy and give any new user a 1-month free trial to Premium! When a user on the trial uses your topo, they bring income just like paying users! 🤩

Where to share

When it comes to where to share, Facebook climbing groups and Instagram are some of the best places to spread the information!

Facebook - The best way to share on facebook is usually a straight link to the main page of your crag, like this: 
Instagram - As people use Instagram on phones, the easiest way is usually to mention about the 27 Crags app (

What to share

Below are some content ideas which you can use if you’re not sure what to share.

1. New crags published

Climbers love to hear when there’s fresh topos out. So whenever you publish a new crag, it’s definitely worth sharing.

“New topo of XXX is published! ? All the routes have GPS locations, pictures and descriptions. Find it on 27 Crags!”

2. New routes added/updated

If there are new routes opened and added to the topos, it’s great content for a post! New routes and problems often interest people as they want to try them too, especially if they are of high quality.

“There are three new 6A routes bolted in the XX sector! These nice lines are on a 25m high vertical wall. Find all the info on 27 Crags“

3. New hard ascent

If there’s a rarely repeated route, it’s worth a post to celebrate with the person who sent it!

“Congrats to XX for sending the hard line in XXX crag! You can find the topo of the crag from 27 Crags.”

4. Beta video

If you or another climber has shared a beta video to Youtube or Vimeo, you can link to the route page in 27 Crags. Then it’s easy to share the video in 27 Crags and people can find the topos of the route immediately. 

“Here’s a nice beta video from the powerful XXX problem!”

5. GPS trails

One of the features our users appreciate the most are the GPS trails. No climber wants to get lost on the walk-in to their climbing spot, and the trails help avoid this a lot! So this is also worth a post. 

“Have you ever gotten lost while trying to find XXX? Not anymore! Now there are GPS trails to follow in the XXX topos on 27 Crags.”

6. Changes in access info

Whether it’s negative (e.g. a climbing ban) or positive news (it’s now allowed to climb at the crag), it’s also good to share the information outside of 27 Crags. This helps to spread up-to-date information about a crag and can also prevent access issues.

“Update on the access of XXX: there’s bird nesting going on which means that climbing is prohibited until XX.XX.XXXX. The topos in 27 Crags will have the updated access information.”