There’s already thousands of Premium topos published in 27 Crags by thousands of authors all over the world. With all this content we have managed to decipher which factors most affect the popularity of a topo.

Let's get going with the tips to increase the popularity of your topo:

1. Create the best topo there is and keep it updated

Climbers like to use the best topo of an area possible. Wouldn't you? No one is going to choose an outdated topo of questionable quality over a high-quality topo with all the latest information.

We’ve seen the effect of this with many topos and the nice thing is that people like to share the word about a great topo amongst their friends!

2. Make a complete topo of an area

Having the most complete topo of the area is maybe the best way to achieve a popular topo

This one is also very logical. Would you prefer to use a topo that only has 20% of the local crags or a topo that covers them all (and maybe even the whole country)? 

  • Try to not only add the most popular crags but the less-visited ones too. Even though the majority of climbers will mainly visit the most popular crags, locals really appreciate knowing about all the crags there are and will often let their friends in on the secret too!
  • This can also help spread the climbers more evenly among the crags during busy times making it a nicer experience for everyone.

Remember that you don’t necessarily need to make all the topos for an area by yourself. Collaborate with your friends and other climbers, having more content will make everyone's topos more popular!

3. Share information about your topos

When you have published a new Premium topo, it’s always a great idea to share it with your friends and other climbers! Most people are really excited to hear about a newly published or updated topo, so they will appreciate the information. Click here to learn more about promoting your topos on social media.

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4. Add great climbing pictures to your topos

It’s always nice to see inspiring climbing pictures from an area, and it also helps climbers to get a better idea how the routes and climbing area looks like. By adding good climbing pictures you also help us to share information about your topos, as we need nice pictures to be able to share your topos on social media!

5. The more topos in 27 Crags, the more users

Some authors might think that topos in 27 Crags are somehow “competing” with each other but this is not really the case. It’s actually the opposite! Just like physical guidebooks, topos from different areas are not competing with each other in 27 Crags but complementing each other. 

Don't you get tired of having to source different guidebooks everywhere you go? That is why we came up with the idea of 27 Crags and the more topos we all add to the app, the closer we are to reaching that goal of helping the entire climbing community!

If your friend or another climber adds topos from the same area, country or in fact anywhere in the world, it benefits everyone.

More content on 27 Crags = more users = more income for authors

So if you have friends who might be interested to make topos, it’s a great idea to let them know about 27 Crags!