While at first they may look similar, there are lots of differences that make Premium Topos far superior to free ones. Let's have a look at both. 

Free topos:

  • Can be made by anyone 
  • Are not quality controlled and usually incomplete
  • Can only have a maximum of 20 routes and 7 topo images (old free topos might have more information than this)
  • Don't have descriptions, route properties or sector details
  • Are free to use and authors don't get paid when climbers use the topos
  • Can't receive suggestions from other climbers 
  • Can't have permanent maintainership by a team

Premium topos:

  • Are always maintained by a "team" in 27 Crags
  • Have as complete information as possible and there's no limits in the amount of content per crag.
  • Are quality controlled and evaluated before publishing
  • Only users with a Premium subscription can see the images of Premium topos
  • Premium authors get paid when the topo is used
  • People outside the team can make suggestions to Premium topos
  • Team members can use their topos without having a Premium subscription