With 27 Crags you can easily create digital climbing topos and share them almost immediately with the climbing community.

Making topos with 27 Crags doesn't cost anything and you'll get paid when people use your topos! It's Making topos is fast, easy, and completely risk-free. You do not need a Premium subscription to make Premium topos.

You can make climbing topos both on the 27 Crags website or in the 27 Crags app. Or, combine both the website and app to make a topo, choosing the easiest tool for each portion of the topo.

You can just start creating topos and learn on the way. It's easy to delete information if you do a mistake.

OR you can follow the steps below, which show to make topos on the website! ⬇️

If you have any questions in mind or you need help, Tim from our team is more than happy to help you! Just email him to tim(at)27crags(dot).com.

Making climbing topos on the 27 Crags website


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