Our mission at 27 Crags is to document every single crag in the world. Since the beginning we knew that this is a massive effort which needs help from climbers from all over the world. That's where you and every other climber on 27 crags come in!

While a lot of our topo authors are local climbing developers and guidebook authors, most are simply climbing enthusiasts just like you. Yep, everyone can make topos, and what's more, topos can be made by a single individual or a group of climbers.

If you're planning to make a topo from an area where you don't live at, or haven't developed it yourself, it's a good idea to be in touch with Tim from our team (tim@27crags.com). This way he can check what the local topo situation might be. He's also happy to answer any question you might have!

Check out our guide on how to make your own topos here.