If you have created a crag, you're also able to delete it but the topo must be completely empty before you can do so. You can find the delete option by going to the "topo" view of the crag and then clicking the edit button on the right.

If you don't see a delete option in the drop-down menu, continue reading.

Instances that prevent crags from being deleted:

1. If information has been added to the crag, this will prevent it from being deleted. This includes routes and pictures etc.

If you need to delete a crag that has extra information, you first need to move all the information to another crag (or delete it if it's useless/wrong) including pictures and routes.

Once it's "empty" the delete option will appear.

2. It's not possible to delete a route if it has ascents. If this is the case, you need to move the route to another crag (make sure it is still correct).

3. If the crag was created by someone else, you're not able to delete it to protect the work of others. If there is clearly wrong information that should be deleted you can contact us about it.