Now you can suggest additions to Premium topos and help the author to keep the information up-to-date. If your suggestion gets approved you'll be rewarded with Premium time! 

The suggesting is possible through 27 Crags website when you're logged in. It's possible to suggest new lines, routes and topo images.

You can make these suggestions straight in the topo page thought the "edit"-buttons on the right side of the topo image. The upper edit buttons allows you to suggest a topo image and a new boulder problem.


The lower edit button allows you to suggest lines which you can draw straight to the existing topo image.


When you have made the suggestion, the author gets a notification about it during the same day. You'll see the suggestion on your topo view as "suggestion" until it get's approved and the update won't show to others until the author has approved it. 

If the author accepts the update, you'll be automatically rewarded with Premium time. 

We hope you like this update!