Every month, half (50%) of the subscription income goes to all the topo authors for their hard work.

The other half goes to 27 Crags so we’re able to cover the costs involved in keeping the platform running and provide you with the best tools for making and using topos.

Topo royalties formula

As stated in the terms of service (section 6.4.1 Calculation of the Premium royalty) Premium Author’s “Premium Royalty” (Rpa) is calculated as follows. This might look rather complex formula, and you can scroll down to see the explanation on what this means in practice!

Topo price per download (ppd) is determined by the formula


Q-Factor represents the quality of the Topo and is the aggregate value of a set of subfactors (determined upon evaluation when published). Read more about the quality factor here.

Net Revenue is the sum of all revenue received by 27 Crags in respect to sales of Premium Topo Content, deducted by government taxes and duties, any refunds paid to Premium Users, and any direct costs relating to service maintenance and business operations e.g server costs, bank transaction costs, etc. 

How the formula works in practice

  1. The higher the revenue of 27 Crags is, the more all topo authors get
  2. The more Premium users your topos have, the bigger share you get from Net Revenue
  3. The bigger the crag is (amount of lines and topo images), the higher the income from each download is
  4. The higher the quality of your topo is, the higher the income from each download is

  5. The more topos you have published, the higher the total royalties of your team in 27 Crags are.

Conclusion: the more users 27 Crags and your topos have, and the bigger and higher quality your topo is, the higher your income.

Curious to know how you can increase your topo royalties? Read more about it here.