Even though a published topo immediately pops up in front of hundreds of thousands of climbers, it really makes a difference when an author is active in the promotion too.

Here are a few ways how you can help climbers find your topos:

1. Tell your friends about the topos

You can increase your income and make your friends happy with the topo author referral link. With it you can give any new user a 1-month free trial to Premium!

When a user on the trial uses your topo, they bring income just like paying users! 🤩

2. Promote your topos on social media

Use the #27crags hashtag and tag @27crags on Facebook and @27crags.app on Instagram so that we can share your newly created topos and updates.

Climbers are excited to hear about new topos and updates on them. So sharing them on social media and in relevant groups can bring your topos a lot of new users.

If you're not sure how to promote your topos on social media, you can find tips for it here.

3. Add climbing pictures to your topos 

Great climbing pictures don't only make the topo more appealing but will also show up on the photo feed in the website and app. 

Adding photos also gives you and us at 27 Crags content to use on social media. Great pictures make it so much easier to promote your topos!

If you don’t have good photos of yourself, you can also ask for some snaps from your friends. But remember to always ask them if it is cool to have them on 27 Crags first.

You also have a chance of becoming our "Pic of the week" with your great photos. If chosen we will feature your image on the 27 Crags homepage for a whole week.

4. Make an excellent topo 

Climbers appreciate high-quality information and when they hear that your topo is the best, the chance that they use it increases significantly. Check out our tips on how to make an amazing topo here

(it can also make your commission level go up)

More exposure for you and more happy climbers in the community!

5. Contact us about local updates

We are always happy to hear from you about news and updates to crags.

Here are some ideas of news we’re happy to share:

  • New routes have been added to the area/topos
  • Routes have been rebolted
  • New hard ascent
  • A crag/sector which is in season

Let us know via a message at our Instagram account @27cragsoffical or email us.

Note: To be able to share this news, we always need a photo to use with the post.

6. Ask us!

If you’d like to chat with us about the promotion of your topos, don’t hesitate to get in touch. We’re always happy to chat about the different possibilities and help you.

The best way to reach us is by sending us an email or private message to @27cragsoffical on Instagram.