The income statistic metrics show how your topos are used, and how much royalties they have generated. In this view, you can choose which crags and time period (months) to filter your statistics for a more specific overview.


There are two different types of metrics you can view to check on your topos progress in terms of income:

1. Income

Income statistics show how much royalties the selected topos have generated (in euros) in the selected time.


A download is logged when the following conditions apply:

  1. The user has a Premium subscription
  2. The user opens or downloads a topo for the first time of the calendar month

NOTE: One Premium user only counts for one download per topo per month. So it doesn't make a difference if the same user opens your topo 1 or 10 times in a calendar month.

The number of downloads has a major impact on your share of Net Revenue. Click here to learn more about how downloads impact royalty calculations.