The usage statistic metrics show how many users have engaged with your Premium topo through the 27 Crags website or app. In this view, you can filter the view by choosing different crags and time periods. 

Usage statistics 

There are three different types of usage statistics you can view to understand how people are using your topos:


The more Premium users who visit any of your topos, the higher the number of downloads will be.

A download is logged when the following conditions apply:

  1. The user has a Premium subscription
  2. The user opens or downloads a topo for the first time of the calendar month

In other words, a single Premium user can increase your download number by one per topo, per month. The number of downloads has a major impact on your share of Net Revenue. Learn more about how downloads impact royalty calculations.

2. Free visits

This is the number of users who have checked your topo, but who don't have a Premium subscription. These users can't see all the content of your topo (the topo images) therefore they don't have an impact on royalties.

3. Unique users

Unique users are the number of different visitors (counted only once) who have opened your topo over the course of a specified time period.

Even if the same user checks your topo 10 times, he/she will only count as one unique user.