Each Premium topo that is sent for evaluation gets a quality factor before it is published. Simply put:

More information + higher accuracy = more reward you for your time and effort

Each section of the topo is given a percentage of quality, this gives us an overall quality factor score. This is how the quality factor of a topo is split down:

  • 20% - Crag Description
  • 20% - Access info, Approach, and GPS trails
  • 20% - Quality of the topo images
  • 10% - Route Descriptions
  • 10% - Route Properties
  • 10% - Route info: FA and date
  • 10% - Additional images

The maximum score a topo can get is 1.0 (100). This means that you as the author will be getting the full royalty amount from the topo every time it is downloaded.

Usually, the lowest quality factor score we will award for a published topo is 0.6 (60%). This translates into you receiving 60% of the royalties for the topo.

Update your topo to receive a higher commission

Don't stress if the quality factor doesn't reach 60%. You can add more information to the topo and resubmit it for evaluation.

If the quality factor of your topo increases, the price per download of your topo increases too! 

You can also always add more information to your published topos to increase the quality factor and increase your earning potential! Just remember to send it to evaluation again after you've made updates.