Before publishing, the quality of a Premium topo is personally checked by the 27 Crags team in order to make sure the topo is of good quality. The evaluation is done by the following points, which together form the quality factor of the topo.

  • 20% - Crag Description
  • 20% - Access info, Approach and GPS trails
  • 20% - Quality of the topo images  
  • 10% - Route Descriptions
  • 10% - Route Properties
  • 10% - Route info: FA and date
  • 10% - Additional images

The percentage tells you how much each topic affects the overall quality factor. The maximum value of a quality factor for a topo is 1.0 (100%) and the minimum value for a Premium topo is 0.6 (60%). If your topo is below this, it is very likely that it won't get published before more information is added.

Each of these elements above will get a score between 0-3. For example if there's no additional images, the score for the additional images is 0/3. On the other hand, if the topo has great high quality climbing images which can be used in social media, it gets 3/3 (the maximum points for the additional images).

The higher your quality factor is, the higher your topo income will be. If your topo has a quality factor of 0.6, it gets 60% of the potential maximum income. So improving the topo to a quality factor of 0.8 means that the income of that topo increases by 20%.

Here's a breakdown of each of the elements to help you get the best score you can:


Crag Description

  • Counts for 20% of the Q-factor
  • You can edit this info in the app and web

The Crag description is the sales pitch for your crag. Think about what kind of information you would like to know about a crag you're planning on heading to but have never visited. 

Include information such as the rock type, the climbing style, the best season, if the crag dries fast, are the landings/cliff-base good and is it family-friendly? You can also consider naming some of the best routes and include a bit of history about the crag. 

Don't hesitate to use some emoji's to structure the text!




  • Counts for 20% of the Q-factor
  • Edit in the apps and web
  • GPS trails - web only

The Access section should have 3 points: 

  1. Special rules at this crag
  2. How to drive to the crag and parking instructions
  3. How to reach the sectors on foot 

The 20% also includes GPS trails. Learn how to add GPS trails here or watch the video here



Quality of topo images

  • Counts for 20% of the Q-factor
  • Edit in the apps and web

Good topo images are the base of your Premium topo. It will pay off to try the best you can here. Here are some tips to take the best topo images: 

  1. Take them when the crag is dry
  2. Pick a time of year when there are no leaves on the trees
  3. Try to avoid hard shadows, cloudy days are best
  4. Position yourself not too far but not too close



Route Descriptions

  • Counts for 10% of the Q-factor
  • Edit in the apps and web

Good route descriptions give the climber a limited amount of info which makes him/her curious enough to climb the route or problem but doesn't spoil the onsight. 

For boulder problems, it can be a good idea to describe the starting holds, or in the case of drop-off boulders, the top hold. 


Route Properties

  • Counts for 10% of the Q-factor
  • Edit in the apps and web

Route properties give the climber some visual info on the route (crimpy, overhanging, sit start...). Don't go wild but help give the reader an idea of the route overal. 3-4 properties is a good maximum.


First ascent and date

  • Counts for 10% of the Q-factor
  • Edit in the apps and web

If you know the First Ascensionist or bolter of the route and the year it was done, you should add the info for full points. 


Additional images

  • Counts for 10% of the Q-factor
  • Edit in the apps and web

Add some kick-ass, instagrammable climbing and atmosphere shots to your crag. Topos look much better with a nice cover shot, and who doesn't like to browse nice climbing pictures of the crag you're about to hit? 

Crags with good pictures are more likely to be shared in 27 Crags' social channels, increasing the topo-income too! 

To make the topo appealing, make sure to select the best climbing photo for the cover!



Once you're all set, send your topo for evaluation

If you have more questions, please check out the other FAQ's or get in touch with us!