Taking maintainership of a free topo

Anyone can take maintainership of a crag through the website or apps.

When this happens, the person or team who takes maintainership of the crag has the option to invite all previous free topo contributors to the new team.

Sometimes this may lead to a situation where someone takes the maintainership of a topo alone and upgrades the free topo to Premium, without giving that possibility to those who have made the free content first. 

But just to clarify, it is not possible for others to use your free content for Premium topos without your permission. Only if you join the Premium team upgrading the topos, you will grant the right to use your materials.

If your free topo is upgraded without an invitation to the team

Even though we at 27 Crags can't possibly know all the local situations when it comes to topo making, we still want to do our best to prevent this kind of situation.

If you encounter a situation where someone takes over a topo you have made or contributed a lot to, please contact us if you would like to turn it into Premium yourself. We will do our best to solve the situation.

If you want to make the topo complete yourself and prevent other people from taking the maintainership, take maintainership of the whole crag with your own team and upgrade it into a Premium topo as soon as possible. 

Read more about making a Premium topo here.