When you create a Premium topo you may notice that the crag already has some free topo information. 

Here are some key points about free topo information access:

  • It's not possible to use free information for Premium topos without the permission of the person who added it.
  • A user grants the right to use the free content by being part of the Premium topo team.
  • Users can join a team by request or through an invitation from the team. Every new team member needs to be accepted by a current member.
  • If there's no permission from a user for the free content, it needs to be created again.
  • When a Premium topo is published, the free topo information gets hidden.

To see all the contributors of a Free topo, go to the "authors" tab of the topo. This makes it very easy to invite contributors and create a team to work together to make a Premium topo.