What are Premium Topos? 

Premium topos are high-quality topos packed with information and helpful photos showing the route overlays on the rock.

Premium topos are only fully accessible to Premium subscribers and help to create enough funds to not only keep improving the app, but also to provide a financial reward for the topo makers themselves whilst supporting access and bolting funds, thus contributing to the future of the sport. 

Why make Premium Topos?

From each Premium subscription, 50% of the earnings go to the topo authors. The amount that each author earns monthly (anything between a few euros to €1700+ a month) is based on the size, quality and the number of users the topos attract.

Besides the economical part, Premium topo authors also get all the tools and support from 27 Crags to make excellent online topos. In addition, they immediately have access to an international audience for their topos.

Who can make Premium Topos?

We are always looking to work with people who have opened new routes, bolted, dealt with access issues and/or are simply excited to share good quality information about climbing areas all around the world.

We are doing our best to make it as easy as possible to support local climbing area development, and that is why it is possible to donate your topo income directly to a bolting or access fund!

There are already hundreds of topo authors around the world who provide great Premium topos for the climbing community, and the group is growing fast.

If you're curious to make topos with 27 Crags yourself, you can start here!

Or if you have any questions, you can always be in touch with Tim from our team: tim(at)27crags(dot)com.