Some years ago we had a vision; what if you could have an app where you could find all the crags and boulders in the world. No matter where you are?

Today, new crags are being added daily and we’re getting closer and closer to this dream. But as there are still many crags left to document and we’re asking you to join us on this mission!

Benefits of using 27 Crags:

  • Making topos is completely free.
  • You'll get paid every time someone uses your topo.
  • Making topos is very easy with the topo-making tools in our website and app. You can even create topos straight at the crag with our app! 
  • You'll keep the ownership of your content and always be in control of your topos.
  • You'll see how many people have used your topos, and how much income they have generated every month.
  • 27 Crags users can help you keep the topos updated by making content suggestions, which you can choose to approve or reject.
  • Your topo gets visibility and promotion through our website and social media channels.

How 27 Crags differs from printed guidebooks:

  • There are no costs related to printing or designing the book - Making topos with 27 Crags is free.
  • No costs related to distribution - Your topo is immediately available for an international audience.
  • Making topos in 27 Crags takes a fraction of the time it takes to make a printed guidebook.
  • You can edit the content whenever needed - keeping the topo up-to-date has never been this easy (or helpful)!

If you're ready to start making topos, start here!

Or if you have any questions related to topo making, don't hesitate to get in touch with us.