Topo making is often a team effort, especially when it comes to big climbing areas. This is why we want to make it as easy and fair as possible for climbers to build topos together.

What is a "team"?

A "team" in 27 Crags is the group of people that volunteer to maintain specific topos of their choosing.

A team member can be either an "Admin" or not admin. You need to be an Admin member to accept and reject members, change the payment settings, and to see the payment information. 

"Teams" can be anything from 1 person to dozens of climbers.

Why do I need a team?

You must have a team if you want to take maintainership of a crag (remember a team can also be just one person).

When a crag has been claimed by a maintenance team, those team members are the only people who can add or edit information, even if you didn't add the info yourself. 

Other users can make suggestions on Premium topos which team members can then approve or reject.

How do I join or create a team?

If you want to join an existing team you can request to join to get editing rights to the crags. 

Start your own team here or create a team through the app or website when you start making a Premium topo. 

If you want to turn a free topo into a Premium one you can see who contributed to the free topo. Create your new team and invite all those people to join it!

Note: After a team is created, it will be reviewed by 27 Crags before it's validated. This usually takes between 1-3 business days. 

What happens with Premium income in team collaborations?

All Admin members can see the monthly income of the topos in their team settings.

You can donate the income from Premium topos to a bolt or access fund of your choice or, income from Premium topos can be shared between team members based on the amount of content added to topos by each person.

When the income is shared between the team, you can see your topo income in your personal profile settings.

Read more details about the team payment settings here.