When adding information to keep a crag up to date there are two different options:

When a Topo is NOT maintained by a team

  • Anyone can add information but you can only edit/delete the information you added yourself.
  • Any team can take maintainership of a teamless crag through the website or apps.
  • A topo without a team can't be published as Premium.
  • As a topo without a team is always free, it means that the limit of content applies. This means that the topo can have maximum of 7 topo images and 20 drawn lines. If it goes above that, it needs to be published as Premium to get the additions visible.

When a Topo is already maintained by a team

  • Team members can add, edit and delete topo content.
  • Anyone can request to join a team but they must be approved by an existing team member.
  • Users outside the internship team can suggest changes or additions to topos, team members can choose to accept or reject this new info. 


If someone has taken ownership of a free crag that you made, click here.

Read more about the team collaboration possibilities here.